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LaLiga’s Card-Sharing Piracy Fight Harmed By Misinformation & Confusion * TorrentFreak

pirate-view-card-footballOrders handed down by courts presiding over novel intellectual property cases routinely convey clear instructions, regardless of underlying complexity. With no room for misinterpretation, everyone knows where they stand and what the court expects of them.

Such clarity can also be a plus outside court too, at least when orders are made available to the public. When originating applications or complaints are also made available for scrutiny, that allows most interested parties to take in the facts and draw reasonable conclusions.

When it first emerged last week that a court in Barcelona had issued an order to help Spain’s LaLiga fight TV piracy, the order itself hadn’t been seen in public. The originating application still hasn’t. An unsourced statement in the article that broke the news appeared to send people in the wrong direction, and a general reluctance by those familiar with the facts to actually share some, sealed the deal.

A Mostly Accurate Report, One Pivotal Claim

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You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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