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Leaked Code Downloads HD Video from Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix * TorrentFreak

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A GitHub user who goes by the name “Widevinedump” has published several repositories that allow people to download HD video from popular streaming platforms, including Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix. The code appears to be the real deal but the ‘free’ use is fairly limited and may not be very secure either.

netflixetcWith more ways to stream online video than ever before, protecting video continues to be a key issue for copyright holders.

This is often achieved through Digital Rights Management, which is often referred to by the initials DRM. In a nutshell, DRM is an anti-piracy tool that dictates when and where digital content can be accessed.

Widevine DRM is one of the leading players in the field. The Google-owned technology is used by many of the largest streaming services including Amazon, Netflix and Disney+. As such, keeping it secure is vital.

Widevine DRM

Widevine DRM comes in different levels. The L1 variant is the most secure, followed by L2 and L3. While…

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