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Legal Manga App User Banned After Taking ‘Fraudulent Screenshots’ * TorrentFreak

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A user of a legal manga app operated by one of Japan’s largest publishers claims they were locked out of the service after being accused of fraudulent activity. While using Shueisha’s YanJan! app, the user’s smartphone began vibrating before displaying a message that their account had been suspended. It was later confirmed that taking screenshots, even inadvertently, can lead to being banned.

manga-banned-smanga-banned-sWhile no digital content is ever entirely immune from being copied and distributed illegally, photographs and other images are especially vulnerable.

Tools enabling users to download, copy, share, and then ultimately mass distribute images exist in, or are accessible from, most phones, tablets, and computers.

Photographers aside, no businesses are more aware of these vulnerabilities than publishers of Japanese comics, commonly known as manga. While manga’s cartoon cousin ‘anime’ at least has larger filesizes in its favor, manga is compact, easily copied,…

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