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Legalizing All Movie Piracy Bad For Russia, Media Giants Inform Parliament * TorrentFreak

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A bill submitted to the Russian parliament that would allow Western movies, TV shows and other content to be copied and distributed without permission from rightsholders, faces opposition. In a letter to the State Duma, TV companies and legal streaming services say that driving people to pirate sites will hurt rightsholders overseas and at home. Of course, they also have a plan.

deadpirateFor a country that regularly claims to be at war with the United States, Russian lawmakers appear to have plenty of time to discuss how its citizens will continue to be entertained by mostly U.S. content.

Over the last 18 months, various ideas and proposals have leaned toward limiting or even nullifying Western entertainment companies’ intellectual property rights in response to their withdrawal from the Russian market. Until more recently, these obviously damaging proposals were met with relatively mild cautionary language, even from traditionally vocal anti-piracy…

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