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Libraries Scold Rightsholders’ Attempt to Tweak South Africa’s Copyright Bill * TorrentFreak

south africaThe American copyright industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue and is generally seen as one of the country’s primary exports.

Whether it’s movies, music, software or other goods, U.S. companies are among the market leaders.

To protect the interests of these businesses around the globe, copyright holder groups can count on help from the U.S. Government. The yearly list of ‘notorious markets,’ for example, is a well known diplomatic pressure mechanism to encourage other countries to up their enforcement actions and improve laws.

The same is true for trade deals and other policies, which often require trade partners to take action in favor of copyright holder interests.

The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA), which represents the ESA, MPA, and RIAA, among others, has been the voice of major entertainment industries on this front. The Alliance regularly encourages the U.S. to further the international interests of its members, including in…

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