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LimeWire Founder “Not Thrilled” That ‘Strangers’ Exploit the Brand for NFT Marketplace * TorrentFreak

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The LimeWire name brings back many memories for many early adopters of P2P file-sharing. The popular application shut down well over a decade ago but according to many mainstream news outlets, it’s making a comeback as an NFT marketplace. In reality, this new project has nothing to do with the original LimeWire, whose founder Mark Gorton is not happy with the confusion being created.

lime squeezeIn a world that’s dominated by viral social media posts and catchy headlines, branding is everything.

Controversial statements and recognizable names are a great way to gain visibility. This attention can then be monetized.

LimeWire Comeback?

Last week we noticed that one of the most iconic file-sharing brands was making headlines once again. According to numerous news articles, LimeWire is making a comeback as an NFT marketplace.

There was no shortage of attention for this news, which was repeated in hundreds of media outlets around the world. Below are just a…

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