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Lithuania’s Media Watchdog Fines Over Two Dozen ‘Private’ Torrent Tracker Users * TorrentFreak

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Lithuania’s Radio and Television Commission (LRTK) is using newly gained legal authority to penalize online pirates. This new power has resulted in several rulings already and this week the media watchdog upped the ante by issuing more than two dozen monetary fines. All targets were identified through their IP-addresses and linked to the private torrent tracker Linkomanija.

euroseurosThis summer, Lithuania amended its Code of Administrative Offenses, allowing media watchdog LRTK to fine pirates, without going to court.

This legislative change is the latest attempt to deter piracy in the European country. The potential fines should make pirates reconsider their habits, the idea goes.

Tracking Down Pirates

Handing out fines may sound like an effective strategy, but catching online pirates isn’t always straightforward. It’s typically not possible to know who is using pirate streaming sites or direct download portals, for example, unless the service in…

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