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Lithuania’s Media Watchdog Issues First-Ever ‘Fines’ to Torrenting Movie Pirates * TorrentFreak

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Since the summer, the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania (LRTK) has had the legal authority to fine online pirates. This week, the media watchdog announced that it has used its newly gained power to fine three users of popular private torrent site, which appears to be actively monitored.

eurosA few weeks ago, Lithuania amended its Code of Administrative Offenses, allowing media watchdog LRTK to fine pirates, without going to court.

This legislative change is the latest attempt to deter piracy in the European country. The potential fines should make pirates reconsider their habits, the idea goes.

Monitoring Pirates

While this plan may be sound on paper, there are some challenges to overcome. Tracking pirates isn’t always possible. Outsiders can’t easily see who uses a pirate streaming site, for example.

Tracking BitTorrent pirates is easier, but not straightforward when the largest torrent site in the country,…

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