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Lux Vide Wins $1.86m Judgment Against Operator of File-Hosting Site EasyBytez * TorrentFreak

lux-videFollowing its launch in 1992, Lux Vide established itself as one of the most successful TV production companies in Italy.

With Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky deals under Lux Vide’s belt, in March 2022 TV giant Fremantle (X Factor, Got Talent) acquired 70% of Lux Vide leading to recent investment and expansion.

Lux Vide has also recently emerged from an extended copyright lawsuit, one that predates the coronavirus pandemic.

Lux Vide Sues File-Hosting Platform Easybytez

In a complaint filed at a Michigan district court in August 2019, Lux Vide (Lux Vide Finanziaria Per Iniziative Audiovisive e Telematiche S.p.A.) targeted more than 20 ‘Doe’ defendants accused of distributing 18 television series and movie titles online without permission. With the filing of a second amended complaint in February 2020, a clearer picture emerged.

Lux Vide targeted London-based Sven Hansche, the owner/director of Cyprus-based company Greatshaw Limited, in turn the owner of file-hosting platform

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