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Major Labels Need an Anti-Piracy Sleuth to Probe Pirate Apps * TorrentFreak

piracy encryptOn the surface there’s a world of difference between the crisp-suited executives of international corporations and the internet-dwelling swashbucklers intent on reappropriating their copyrighted content as swiftly as possible.

In reality, the closer one gets to the piracy front lines, the more difficult it is to tell the factions apart. They use similar tools and obfuscation techniques, need to innovate to stay ahead of the game, and even participate in the same discussions. Earlier this year a group of ‘pirates’ on Reddit obtained all kinds of information on at least a dozen pirate apps using ancient lost arts; opening accounts months earlier, pretending to be almost clueless, and then just blatantly asking.

Totally unsurprisingly, there was zero shortage of helpful pirates willing to answer, but these kinds of efforts are only useful in limited circumstances and can only yield so much useful intelligence. Technical information needs to be obtained methodically before…

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