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Major Online Services Help Identify Pirate Streaming Site Operators * TorrentFreak

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DISH Network and Sling TV are homing in on the alleged operators of,,, and In an amended complaint filed this week, the companies now name two defendants who were unmasked after Google, Cloudflare, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, domain companies and others complied with subpoenas.

Pirate KeyAn interesting lawsuit filed in a Texas court during the summer last year saw DISH Network and Sling TV partner up to sue the people behind,,, and

Unlike lawsuits against regular pirate IPTV providers, the platforms were alleged to have circumvented the DRM technologies deployed by Sling TV’s streaming system (Widevine, Fairplay, and PlayReady) in order to provide their users with Sling programming, directly from Sling’s servers, for free.

DISH provided considerable detail on how the operation worked while alleging willful violations of the…

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