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Major Private Server Dev Faces DMCA Subpoenas * TorrentFreak

genshin-smallWith over 60 million players every month, Genshin Impact is one of the greatest success stories in videogames.

The game stepped over the 60 million threshold in March 2022, and just over a year later hit a record 66.5 million. Since August, however, interest in the game has declined.

The situation is hardly catastrophic but from a second 66.5m peak two months ago, player numbers in September returned to levels last seen in March 2022.

Whether this is a concern for developer Cognosphere is unclear but after taking legal action against both leakers (1,2,3) and in-game cheaters (4), Cognosphere has a new target in its sights.

Private Servers Upset Business Model

On a base level, Genshin Impact is free-to-play but through so-called ‘gatcha game’ mechanics, players are encouraged to spend virtual currency earned in-game or purchased outside the digital realm using real money. For those in the know, however, unofficial private servers provide an attractive third option.


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