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Major YouTube Copyright Lawsuit Nears Trial With Almost Everything On the Line * TorrentFreak

Sad YouTubeThe use of lawsuits to solve complex commercial disputes suggests that no amount of talking will ever produce the desired results.

For musician Maria Schneider, whose class action lawsuit against YouTube will head to a jury trial next month, the status quo and its alleged facilitator have been a constant topic of discussion for well over a decade.

What Do Whore Houses, Meth Labs, and YouTube Have in Common?

The riddle in the heading is almost seven years old, yet the closest answer to date is “you always end up paying for it.” That wasn’t what Maria Schneider had in mind, according to her 2016 Music Tech Policy piece, which begins with a surprise apology.

“OK, I know: that title really hits below the belt. I apologize. After all, it’s not fair to legal whorehouses that pay their share of taxes to lump them with meth labs and YouTube,” Schneider wrote.

“When a nail salon or spa has a back room for illegal prostitution, we shut down the business. When a dry cleaning…

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