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Man Faces Prison Sentence for Reselling Hacked Streaming Service Accounts * TorrentFreak

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Danish authorities have charged a man for reselling 500,000 hacked accounts obtained from a data leak, including user credentials for online streaming services. The 29-year-old faces a potential prison sentence. While piracy and hacking are no solution, a survey conducted by the major streaming services themselves shows that affordability is of key importance to most subscribers.

There is little doubt that video and music streaming services have taken the Internet by storm over the past decade.

An entire “on-demand” generation is growing up, with the streaming business model now generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Competing With Piracy

This growth was spurred on by piracy. When Netflix first launched its streaming services, the company openly positioned itself as a piracy competitor. And indeed, in the early years, many casual pirates were drawn to streaming platforms.

In recent years, this early selling point has been pushed into the…

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