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Manga Piracy Apps Stay Up on Google & Apple, Publisher Moves to Unmask Devs * TorrentFreak

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Back in June, a law firm acting for Japanese manga publisher Kadokawa sent copyright complaints to both Google and Apple listing five apps offering allegedly infringing manga content. For reasons that aren’t immediately clear, neither company took the apps down. With the assistance of a California court, Kadokawa now wants to identify the developers behind the apps.

mangaJapanese manga comics remain massively popular online but with that comes high levels of piracy that publishers are struggling to contain.

On top of dedicated websites pulling in tens of millions of visits each every month, there’s a thriving market of Android and iOS apps offering premium manga content for free but without appropriate licenses.

Many of these apps, especially those Android-based, are made available outside official app ecosystems, but some still make their way onto Google Play and Apple’s App Store, with all the convenience that entails. To have the apps…

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