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Manga Publishers Seek Google Analytics Data to Back $14m Piracy Damages Claim * TorrentFreak

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Manga publishers Kodakawa, Shogakukan, and Shueisha hope to recoup millions of dollars in damages from the operator of Mangamura, which was once the largest manga piracy site. To assist in their legal battle in Japan, the publishers went to a U.S. federal court this week, requesting traffic stats and personal data from the site’s accounts at Google and Cloudflare.

mangaDespite the growing availability of legal options, online piracy remains rampant. In Japan, manga comics are a particularly popular category.

Publishers are attempting to deal with this issue by ramping up enforcement. This recently led to major success when a Cloudflare probe helped to shut down 13DL, Japan’s largest pirate site.

These enforcement efforts are intensifying but they are not new. Back in 2019, Japanese authorities arrested the operator of Mangamura, one of the leading manga pirate sites at the time.

Mangamura had only been around for roughly two years but…

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