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Media Sowed Piracy Panic For Years, Their VPN Ads Now Panic Hollywood * TorrentFreak

RipperDuring international holidays, news in a tight niche like ours can completely dry up, so when an exciting headline suddenly appears after 14 hours at a desk, things aren’t so bad after all.

Sadly, ‘exciting’ headlines that began appearing around 2017 didn’t help.

Dramatic news articles in UK tabloids often plagiarized articles published by TorrentFreak. But worse than that, many featured massive exaggerations that insulted even basic common sense, with irrelevant bits of information tacked on for SEO purposes.

Over time the trend went in a different direction. When Kodi addons became the new piracy bogeyman, the tabloids gorged on the drama. Headlines containing phrases such as FREE STREAMING WARNING and NEW KODI THREAT appeared alongside JAILED and POLICE in almost unlimited quantities, regardless of what actually happened.

When the tabloids started spreading complete nonsense about a change in UK law, people with influence could’ve helped put that right. We certainly…

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