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Men Behind UK’s Largest Pirate Service Jailed For 30+ Years * TorrentFreak

flawless-logo1Operating from 2016 until 2018, the Flawless IPTV service copied subscription TV broadcasts from official (and unofficial) sources and then restreamed that content to tens of thousands of customers, at a dramatically cut down price.

For many UK football fans, Flawless granted access to the sport they love, at a price they could afford. Others viewed the service quite differently.

From the Premier League’s perspective, Flawless was a fraudulent, criminal enterprise that stole potential revenue from the country’s leading football clubs. Through its illegal participation in the subscription TV market, Flawless had a direct impact on Sky and Virgin Media subscription package sales.

More broadly, Flawless undermined the Premier League’s right to offer exclusive broadcasting licenses in the UK and that had the potential to affect how much broadcasters were prepared to pay for those licenses.

Today’s Sentencing Hearing

Following an extraordinarily deep and costly investigation,…

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