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Most Prolific World Cup Pirates Also Most Likely to Use a Paid Service * TorrentFreak

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At the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, defending champions France couldn’t prevent Argentina from lifting the trophy. Back on home soil, French telecoms regulator Arcom blocked 83 domains during the tournament but couldn’t prevent some fans from streaming games illegally. The conundrum for Arcom is that if it cracked down on the most prolific football pirates, it would also be cracking down on the fans most likely to use paid, legal services.

footballThe World Cup only takes place every four years so when the opportunity to see the world’s best players arrived again last year, an estimated 1.5 billion eventually tuned in to see the elite square off in the final.

Millions cheered on the French national team as the defending champions pursued glory against Argentina. After the French lost in a dramatic penalty shoot-out, for some it became a tournament to forget. For French telecoms regulator Arcom, the end of the competition signaled the start of research…

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