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Following a suspension last month, major streaming site Lookmovie was forced to switch to a new domain. Records show that Hollywood quickly went to court to maintain the pressure, while also seeking information on more than a dozen pirate streaming sites and IPTV services accounting for more than 100 million monthly visitors.

ace-new-smallLast month, Lookmovie and Cuevana3, two of the largest pirate movie and TV streaming sites, had their domains suspended.

Both sites utilized .io domains under the control of Donuts, a registry that has an agreement with the MPA to suspend piracy-related domains.

Anti-piracy group Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), which is staffed in part by MPA anti-piracy investigators, denied it was directly responsible but just three days later, Lookmovie’s Telegram channel was also banned, suggesting that some type of enforcement was indeed taking place.

With millions of regular visitors, the initial impact on the…

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