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MPA, Amazon & Apple Win $30m in Damages Against Pirate IPTV Services * TorrentFreak

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In 2021, Universal, Disney, Paramount, Warner and Columbia, partnered with Amazon and Apple in a lawsuit targeting two U.S-based pirate IPTV services. After the operator of AllAccessTV and Quality Restreams put up an early fight, including allegations that one of his services was disguised as a VPN provider, the studios have walked away with a $30 million damages award.

tv boxOperators of pirate IPTV services in the United States risk prison sentences and civil copyright infringement lawsuits when things don’t go to plan.

The recent 66-month sentence handed to YouTuber ‘Omi in a Hellcat’ is one example with a particularly hefty price tag – $30+ million in restitution.

IPTV services operated by Texas resident Dwayne Johnson weren’t as big or as profitable, but certainly important enough for Hollywood to step in with overwhelming resources.

Powerful Coalition Sues Johnson

In December 2021, movie and TV giants Universal, Disney,…

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