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MPA Asks EU For IPTV, Torrents & Piracy Support Services Crackdown * TorrentFreak

mpaPublished each year by the United States Trade Representative, the ‘notorious markets’ report highlights piracy threats located outside the US, in the hope that foreign authorities will take action.

The ‘Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List’ is a similar report published by the European Commission. In common with its American cousin the list is based on input from various stakeholder groups but in this case, piracy and piracy-supporting services outside the EU.

Submissions for the 2022 report include detailed input from the Motion Picture Association, the trade industry group for the major Hollywood studios and Netflix.

The ‘Piracy Problem’ Summary

The submission begins with the MPA highlighting the scale of the problem using findings from various studies. Almost one in four internet users visit pirate sites, pirate sites have profit margins between 86% and 93%, and their users expose themselves to a higher risk of malware, for example.

None of the cited studies are…

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