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MPA Recognizes France, Italy and Philippines for Site Blocking Innovations * TorrentFreak

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The Motion Picture Association (MPA) is one of the key proponents of pirate site blocking. The group, which counts Hollywood studios and Netflix as its members, recently met with several international stakeholders at a “site blocking conference”. The event wasn’t widely publicized but TorrentFreak learned that France, Italy and the Philippines were recognized for their innovations.

clappingclappingWebsite blocking has become the go-to anti-piracy measure for the entertainment industries when tackling pirate sites on the internet.

The practice has been around for well over 15 years and has gradually expanded to more than forty countries around the world.

Thus far, pirate site blocking is notably absent in the United States. However, American-funded forces are active elsewhere in the world to forge new blocking initiatives, through voluntary agreements or the courts.

Philippine Blocking Measures

The resulting blocking measures are immediately…

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