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Music Labels Warn Pirate Sites & Users After J-Pop & K-Pop Sites Shut Down * TorrentFreak

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Following the unexpected shutdown of two popular J-pop and K-pop download sites in August, the Recording Industry Association of Japan has claimed responsibility. The group, which consists of 65 recording labels covering much of the Japanese market, also took the opportunity to remind internet users that in Japan, simply downloading pirated music is a crime.

cassette tapeBack in August, users of Reddit and similar platforms lamented the sudden disappearance of two music piracy platforms.

Somewhat predictably, specialized in J-pop, a form of Japanese popular music that first gained popularity in the 1990s. Kpoptap, a sister site almost identical in appearance to Jpopmix, specialized in South Korean K-pop. Around August 20, both disappeared offline with only the latter leaving a message: “GOOD BYE!”

Sites can cease to exist for all kinds of reasons but the demise of Jpopmix (and most likely Kpoptap too) is now officially confirmed as the work of the…

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