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Music Piracy Remains a Widespread Problem, Particularly in Emerging Countries * TorrentFreak

cassette tape pirate musiccassette tape pirate musicThe International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) presents itself as the voice of the global recording industry.

The group represents roughly 8,000 members globally, ranging from smaller independent labels to the largest labels on the planet.

Part of its mandate is to keep an eye on how the music industry evolves. This includes legal consumption as well as unauthorized offerings, more commonly known as music piracy.

Music piracy exists in various forms but in recent years stream-ripping has emerged as the most significant. Several years ago IFPI reported that the phenomenon had become a bigger threat than any other form of music piracy.

According to IFPI’s Engaging with Music 2023 report released this week, online piracy remains a problem worldwide, stream-ripping and illegal music apps in particular.

“Music piracy is still very much an issue, with stream ripping and the use of illegal mobile apps among the leading causes for concern,” IFPI’s Chief…

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