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In their new podcast series The Pirates vs The Premier League, journalists Matt Cutler and Richard Gillis take a deep dive into the world of pirate IPTV. Speaking to suppliers profiting from it and the fans happily consuming it, the series explores potential consequences for the Premier League and possible solutions to a problem it does not want to discuss.

piratesvpremierleague-sWhen a sports business journalist says he’s producing a podcast series on piracy, there’s always a risk that the end product will end up sounding like a corporate anti-piracy campaign disguised as independent reporting.

After learning of the project a few months ago, we are pleased to confirm that podcast series The Pirates vs The Premier League is out now and certified free from distracting influences.

Created by journalists Matt Cutler and Richard Gillis, the series begins with football fan Matt hoping to find a pirated live stream of a match featuring his team, Aston Villa, which isn’t being…

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