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Namecheap Suspends, and Other ‘Pirate’ .to Domains * TorrentFreak

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Several popular .to domain names have been suspended by Namecheap over the past few hours. The targets include the streaming portals, Upmovies and, which have dozens of millions of monthly visits. Since .to domains don’t support the conventional clientHold status code, their nameservers were changed, presumably in response to an Indian court order obtained by Netflix and several Hollywood studios.

can't be reachedcan't be reachedLast week, we reported that an Indian dynamic+ court order had taken down movie-web’s demo site, along with several other pirate sites.

The injunction, issued by the New Delhi High Court, requires local ISPs to block access to the domains. In addition, domain name registrars are also urged to take action.

The reach of this Indian order expands far outside the nation’s borders. Several international domain registrars, including the American company Namecheap, complied with its instructions. Failing to do so,…

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