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Napster Sparked a File-Sharing Revolution 25 Years Ago * TorrentFreak

napster logoThe invention of the MP3 format in 1993 didn’t make any mainstream news headlines. In hindsight, however, it was a pivotal moment that would revolutionize music consumption, and more.

Invented by the German engineer Karlheinz Brandenburg and colleagues at the Fraunhofer Society, the coding format made it possible to reduce the size of music files without any significant loss of audible sound quality.

Due to the size reductions, these digital files could be stored on flash-memory devices. This led to the invention of dedicated MP3 players capable of playing music ripped from CDs. Many considered this a more compact and shock-resistant alternative to the Discman.

At the time, music industry insiders were already fantasizing about the ‘celestial jukebox’; a tool or service that would make it possible to play any track on demand. The MP3 helped to bring this concept a step closer too, as Napster would soon prove.

Napster: June 1, 1999

At the end of the nineties, technology…

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