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NASCAR Fan-Friendly Copyright Claims Needed Extra Boost to Pacify Fans * TorrentFreak

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After receiving many copyright claims on previously uploaded videos, on Wednesday popular NASCAR YouTuber and editor Brock Beard declared, “I’m getting too old for this.” Beard’s fans were unhappy too, a sentiment outlined in an Essentially Sports article which described the claims as a threat to Beard’s social media presence, even though nothing was taken down. Then out of nowhere, something extraordinary happened.

Recurring news that another established and popular content creator faces copyright issues on YouTube is something the world will have to get used to.

Developing copyright law tends to go in one direction and with most social media platforms today showing less willingness to fight, some types of user-generated content may be in for a more restricted ride.

On Wednesday, NASCAR fanatic and popular YouTuber Brock Beard sounded dejected in a post published on X. Two screenshots, featuring copyright claims against a long list of…

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