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Naver Webtoon Targets Hundreds of Piracy Sites Ahead of Public Listing * TorrentFreak

webtoon-3webtoon-3Launched by South Korean tech giant Naver Corporation in 2004, Webtoon gained popularity as a hosting platform for a specific type of short-form digital comic, known locally as ‘webtoons’

Almost two decades later, Webtoon Entertainment has over 85 million active users per month across more than 100 countries. In the United States, where the company now boasts 12.5 million active users, Webtoon seems destined for a public listing, potentially as soon as 2024 according to information shared by Naver during a recent earnings call.

In an August interview with Reuters, Webtoon Entertainment founder and CEO Kim Junkoo was certainly bullish on the company’s future. Rivals moving in on the short-form comic market, which include both Amazon and Apple, will struggle to build a viable business, Kim predicted.

Competitors Face Uphill Struggle

“To build a (webtoon) store, you need knowledge about serial services, user targeting, a fitting business model, educating users,” Kim told…

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