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Nearly Every Person in Iraq is an Illegal Streaming Pirate, Sources Say * TorrentFreak

iraqPiracy is a global phenomenon but the availability of enforcement options varies from country to country.

In Iraq, for example, tackling copyright infringement isn’t seen as a priority or a new phenomenon.

When U.S. troops were still stationed in Iraq, rightsholders discovered that American soldiers were picking up the local habit. As a result, “copyright notices” were sent to US bases and United States Central Command was put on high alert.

At the end of 2021, the U.S. combat mission in Iraq officially ended, so that’s no longer an issue. Iraq still faces plenty of internal issues, of course, but fighting piracy doesn’t appear to be high on the agenda. That’s a concern for copyright holders.

Rightsholders Report Iraq to the USTR

Given Iraq’s history, it is no surprise that the country has been repeatedly flagged by the U.S. Trade Representative. The USTR considers rightsholder input and other public signals when compiling its Special 301 Report, an annual list of…

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