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Netflix and Amazon DMCA Notices Target Legal Streaming Options * TorrentFreak

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Copyright holders have sent billions of takedown requests to Google. Their goal is to make it harder for people to find pirated content through the search engine. However, when legal options such as Reelgood are targeted, takedown requests can end up being counterproductive.

reelgoodCopyright holders send out millions of takedown notices a day, hoping to remove pirated content or make it harder to find.

The efficacy of the DMCA takedown process is open for debate, but it certainly doesn’t help when companies flag legal websites as copyright-infringing.

It is particularly ironic when these mistakenly targeted sites are supposed to help the public find their way to the right streaming service. This is exactly what happened recently.

Netflix and Amazon Target Reelgood

Anti-piracy company Marketly, which handles DMCA takedown requests for many reputable rightsholders, repeatedly targeted URLs from the streaming search engine Reelgood. This…

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