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New Law to Crush Pirate IPTV Unanimously Approved By Italian Senate * TorrentFreak

IPTVMillions of passionate Italian football fans, gorging on limitless top-tier matches for the price of a beer each week, was never likely to end well. It was only a question of how badly and when.

In common with similar businesses elsewhere in Europe, powerful Italian football clubs, broadcasters, and their powerful business associates in government, concluded long ago that only a draconian internet-blocking system supported by tough new law could force fans away from wallet-friendly pirate IPTV services and towards legal platforms.

During the summer of 2022, support for radical action against live-streaming piracy gathered momentum. New powers for telecoms regulator AGCOM would underpin an enhanced national ISP blocking system capable of taking down pirate IPTV streams in a matter of minutes. United as one against the ‘digital mafias‘ sucking the life out of the beautiful game, all that stood between an exclusive, tightly-controlled, piracy-free market was the Italian…

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