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New Piracy Shield Legal Challenge Filed at Italy’s Council of State * TorrentFreak

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Long before the launch of Italy’s Piracy Shield blocking system, ISP association ASSOProvider warned that trouble lay ahead and innocent parties were likely to get caught up in the crossfire. After failing to stop the launch of the platform with a legal bid in 2023, ASSOProvider has mounted a new legal challenge at the Council of State, the body that ensures public administration is carried out legally in Italy.

piracy-shieldxSince its launch early February, Italy’s Piracy Shield system and its operators have been at the center of a series of controversies.

From blocking innocent platforms and bizarre public denials claiming that never actually happened, to the leaking of Piracy Shield source code online and claims that didn’t happen either, a more difficult debut would be hard to imagine.

Yet with legitimate complaints from negatively-affected members of the public being given short shrift, and access to information requests pushed aside,…

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