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‘News Media are a Useful Tool to Educate the Public on Piracy Risks and Threats’ * TorrentFreak

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Tackling online piracy isn’t an easy task. In addition to dismantling illicit sites and services, the public at large should be made aware of the associated risks and threats. According to the Premier League, news media can be helpful to spread these messages. However, the lines between reporting news and serving as a simple mouthpiece can sometimes find themselves blurred.

DangerOnline piracy is a complex and constantly evolving phenomenon that fuels the daily reporting on this website.

While big headlines don’t appear every day, there’s always something happening. These events are no longer the preserve of niche audiences as mainstream media outlets show increasing interest.

This broader coverage is in part fueled by a steady stream of press releases issued by rightsholders and anti-piracy groups. These alerts often find their way to online news publications where they are republished with no questions asked. It’s a particularly useful mechanism…

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