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Newspapers Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement and ‘Fake News’ Hallucinations * TorrentFreak

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Microsoft and OpenAI face yet another lawsuit for alleged copyright infringement. Eight newspapers, including the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune and the Denver Post, accuse the companies of training ChatGPT models on their content without permission or compensation. In addition, ChatGPT allegedly harms the plaintiffs’ reputations by linking them to fake news.

newsprintStarting last year, various rightsholders have filed lawsuits against companies that develop AI models.

The list of complainants includes record labels, book authors, visual artists, a chip maker, and news publications. These rightsholders all object to the presumed use of their work without proper compensation.

Keeping pace with the constant stream of legal paperwork is a challenge, but a complaint filed at a New York federal court yesterday deserves to be highlighted. In this case, eight major news publications are suing OpenAI and Microsoft for copyright infringement.

U.S. Newspapers Sue OpenAI and…

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