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Nexon Sues ‘Dark and Darker’ Developer for Copyright Infringement * TorrentFreak

dark darkerThe official stable release of the first person shooter game Dark and Darker is eagerly awaited by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Whether the full game will actually be released is uncertain, however, as the game is at the center of a legal dispute.

Last month, police in South Korea raided the offices of Dark and Darker’s developers, local game studio Ironmace. The legal action was triggered by a complaint from game publisher Nexon, which accused its rival of copyright infringement and stealing trade secrets.

Ironmace was founded by former Nexon developers who allegedly took thousands of files with them. The game publisher believes that these files were used to develop Dark and Darker, which is similar to the “P3” game project Nexon is working on.

Following the raid, the disgruntled publisher also complained to Steam, which banned Dark and Darker from its platform. And when Ironmace released its latest alpha test via BitTorrent last weekend, its adversary pulled out all…

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