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NHL Piracy Streaming Lawsuit Fizzles Out After Blocking Measures End * TorrentFreak

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Canada’s Federal Court has granted several piracy-blocking injunctions as part of lawsuits against actual infringers, such as IPTV services. However, these underlying cases seem to go nowhere. A few days ago, rightsholders including Bell and Rogers quietly discontinued their claims against pirate streaming services after a temporary blocking injunction expired. Is this a mere coincidence, or a pragmatic legal strategy?

Two years ago, Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal upheld the first pirate site-blocking order in the country.

The landmark decision opened the door to additional and more advanced blocking requests. Indeed, it didn’t take long before NHL broadcasters asked the court for a pirate IPTV blocking order of their own.

The Federal Court eventually granted this request for the ongoing season, with some safeguards. In part due to intervention from the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), an independent…

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