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Nigerian Police Bust Pirate Site Operators After Actress Suffers Panic Attacks * TorrentFreak

maliakamaliakaDubbed “Nollywood,” Nigeria has a flourishing film industry which generates billions of dollars in revenues while creating new stars in the process.

In tandem, a flourishing piracy market serves parts of the population that either can’t or won’t pay for films.

Local authorities and anti-piracy organizations are trying to get a grip on the problem, but that’s not easy. Aside from investigative challenges, there’s also a shortage of basic enforcement resources.

Laptops, Electricity, and Internet Access

These issues were previously recognized by the U.S. embassy in Nigeria, which generously donated 50 laptops and other gadgets to the Nigerian Copyright Commission in 2020. This equipment should help to aid the local fight against online piracy, it reasoned.

The equipment was certainly welcome but the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) recently indicated that the Nigerian Copyright Commission also lacks reliable access to electricity and the Internet….

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