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Nintendo DMCA Notice Wipes Out 8,535 Yuzu Repos, Mig Switch Also Targeted * TorrentFreak

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After Nintendo filed a full-blown lawsuit against the developers of the Yuzu emulator in February, a rapid settlement effectively ended that phase of the project a little over a week later. In March, Nintendo targeted various related tools, taking down dozens of repos at a time. This week, a single DMCA notice filed at GitHub effortlessly took out 8,535 Yuzu repos; elsewhere, new target Mig Switch also receives attention.

yuzu-codeOver the last quarter-century the piracy landscape has regularly received major blows from which many believed it could never recover.

While in most cases the doomsday scenario never materialized, not all niches are created equally. Those that require a very specific set of skills usually face more complex challenges.

When Nintendo sued the company and ultimately the developers of the Yuzu emulator in February, that was a significant event. When the team settled the lawsuit just a week later, that was not just unexpected….

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