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Nintendo Sues ‘Modded Hardware’ and r/SwitchPirates Moderator ‘Archbox’ * TorrentFreak

nintendoNintendo is doing everything in its power to stop the public from playing pirated games on the Switch console.

The Japanese gaming company won several lawsuits in recent history, shutting down websites that distributed pirated ROMs.

Most notable, perhaps, was the criminal referral that resulted in the demise of the infamous hacking group Team-Xecuter. The group released several ‘jailbreak’ hacks for gaming consoles in the past and was widely regarded as Nintendo’s main nemesis.

With the win against Team-Xecuter, Nintendo hoped that the modding scene would fade into oblivion, but that’s not what happened. In recent years, new tools and hardware solutions were released, requiring Nintendo to gas the enforcement pedal once again.

For example, recently Nintendo went after various Switch piracy related sites and services, including the Yuzu emulator, Lockpick, and MIG Switch.

Nintendo vs. Modded Hardware

Nintendo also targeted Modded Hardware behind the scenes. The gaming…

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