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Nintendo Targets Switch Emulators Suyu, Nuzu, Uzuy, Torzu, and Sudachi * TorrentFreak

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Nintendo’s dismantling of the Switch emulator scene continued this week. Using the injunction obtained against the Yuzu emulator as a base, Nintendo has just taken down projects including Suyu, Nuzu, Uzuy, Torzu and Sudachi from GitHub. Some are likely to survive elsewhere and at least one is being completely rewritten to address various issues. Whether that will pacify Nintendo is unknown.

nintendo-sw-emu-sOn paper, Nintendo’s lawsuit targeting the developers of Switch emulator Yuzu was solid. It also had the potential to drag on for a long time.

Without surprise banana peels suddenly making an appearance, on balance, Nintendo could’ve walked away with a fairly easy win. Yet just weeks after the lawsuit was filed, Nintendo and the anonymous Yuzu developers agreed to settle.

From the outside it was neat, tidy, and efficient. Perhaps even unusually so.

A judgment in favor of Nintendo, following a case heard on the merits, would’ve arguably served as a…

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