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Nintendo’s DMCA Operation Continues With Lockpick, Kezplez-nx Takedowns * TorrentFreak

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After taking down over 8,500 Yuzu repos with a single DMCA notice just a few days ago, Nintendo appears to be pressing ahead with its Switch circumvention tool clean-up operation. In a new wave, the gaming giant has targeted dozens of repos containing tools designed to provide access to Switch encryption keys. Elsewhere, at least 200 takedowns each day target other content.

lockpick-sMore recent generations of video gamers will undoubtedly have their own ideas about which company in business today has made the greatest contribution to the art of videogames.

Those who nominate Sony, for marketing the original PlayStation at adults and forever transforming public perception of video games, have a very solid case. Yet when one balances software, hardware, innovation, consistency, branding and longevity, the only answer that stands up to the most intense scrutiny is Nintendo. Should its demise ever be announced, “you only miss things when they’re gone”…

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