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Nintendo’s Yuzu Lawsuit Aims to Pour Banana Peels Over All Emulators * TorrentFreak

yuzu-tropicyuzu-tropicIt’s not uncommon for people to wander into some corner of the overall emulation scene with a specific question: Are emulators legal?

While not necessarily true, the most common answer is: yes, emulators are completely legal but distributing the games (ROMs) is most definitely not, so don’t request them here.

In response to questions from those interested in the DIY approach, gamers are often advised to rip only the games they actually own, or only download games they intend to rip, for which they already own the original.

The endless caveats that tend to go unmentioned are even more important. Nintendo knows them all but rarely strays from its fundamental position that, as far as its games and consoles are concerned, the process is illegal.

Nintendo Targets Company Behind Switch Emulator, Yuzu

Targeting developers who reverse-engineer and decompile code, to support an open source project, for which no money needs to be paid, is one way to view the lawsuit Nintendo filed…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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