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NVIDIA Denies Copyright Infringement Claims in Authors’ AI Lawsuit * TorrentFreak

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NVIDIA has responded to a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by several American authors. The chipmaker admits the use of “The Pile” dataset, which included the controversial Books3 database. However, NVIDIA denies all copyright infringement allegations and also rejects the use of the term “shadow library”, which is often used for pirated book repositories.

nvidia logoThus far, chip giant NVIDIA has been the main financial beneficiary of the Artificial Intelligence boom.

The company published its latest quarterly results last week, reporting $26 billion in revenue; a 340% increase compared to two years ago.

The staggering revenue numbers over the past year have significantly raised the value of the company, which is now worth more than all public companies in Germany combined. At the same time, however, the AI revolution presents the semiconductor giant with new legal challenges.

NVIDIA Faces Copyright Infringement Claims

Earlier this year, several authors sued…

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