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Online Piracy Increases Among Young Finns, But Legal Consumption is Up Too * TorrentFreak

Pirate KeyFinnish market research company Taloustutkimus Oy has published its Copyright Barometer report for 2021. It aims to shine light on the content consumption trends of 15 to 79-year-olds and corresponding attitudes towards copyright and piracy.

Overall, nine out of ten Finns cited copyright as an important issue with only 2% finding it either very or fairly useless. Almost half perceive copyright as enabling (49%), with just 12% describing it as restrictive.

Given that increasing numbers of citizens are becoming creators themselves, it is perhaps unsurprising that people are learning more about copyright and its wider implications.

Last year, 38% of respondents said copyright was an easy concept to understand but in the 2021 report, that figure increases to 44%. Perhaps counterintuitively, last year 22% of respondents said that copyright was difficult to understand, a figure that increased to 26% this year.

Attitudes to Piracy

Given that almost half the population easily understands…

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