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‘Operation 404’ Results in First Prison Sentence for Pirate IPTV Operator * TorrentFreak

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Brazilian anti-piracy campaign ‘Operation 404’ has taken down many pirate sites and services over the past five years, but criminal prosecutions have been scarce. This week, anti-piracy group ALIANZA announced a “historic” victory: The operator of pirate IPTV service “Flash IPTV” was sentenced to more than five years in prison, marking the first criminal conviction of this kind in Brazil.

operation 404In the fall of 2019, Brazilian law enforcement agencies launched the first wave of anti-piracy campaign ‘Operation 404,’ referring to the well-known HTTP error code.

With help from law enforcement in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Argentina, the authorities took down more than a hundred sites and services, while several suspects were arrested.

Following its initial successes, several new waves ‘Operation 404’ were initiated over the ensuing years. Each wave led to raids and takedowns across the country, with assistance from…

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