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Organized Crime Unit Arrest Suspected Sky TV Pirate

nerocu-msRightsholders and their anti-piracy partners have faced an uphill struggle trying to convince the UK public that streaming copyrighted content from illicit sources is illegal.

News of legal ‘gray areas’ and other perceived loopholes in the law travel fast, but in the case of unlicensed streaming, the idea that no laws were being broken had solid support. In 2017, Trading Standards went on record stating that streaming consumers had nothing to fear under copyright law, a position supported – albeit briefly – by the European Commission.

Early 2017, Justice Arnold at the High Court said that in his opinion, viewing pirated streams was obviously illegal under copyright law and in April 2017, Europe’s highest court agreed. There had never been a gray area after all, but it’s up for debate whether anyone cared one way or the other.

Like never before, streaming piracy was skyrocketing.

Early 2017: Not Illegal. 2024: Supporting Organized Crime

Drowned out by a massive surge in…

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