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Piracy Block Reversed For Tech Site That Reported Site-Blocking Workarounds * TorrentFreak

agcom-blockThe Piracy Shield blocking controversy on the boil since February has shown that overblocking in Italy either doesn’t exist, is someone else’s fault, or was too brief to be considered important.

To that background, news this week that Italian telecoms regulator AGCOM has nullified one of its own piracy blocking orders is somewhat unexpected. The finer details reveal that the background to the original blocking order gives cause for concern for entirely different reasons than those that caused the retraction.

Tech Site Unblocked After Appeal to Regional Court describes itself as a tech information site. It’s been online for over 18 years and with around one million visits per month, most of them from inside Italy, it can consider itself a success.

This week, in a celebratory blog post, the site’s editorial staff “expressed great satisfaction” after a legal appeal filed at a regional court prompted AGCOM to cancel a site-blocking order that rendered…

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