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Piracy Bots Channels Are Rampant on Telegram, But For How Long? * TorrentFreak

telegramWith over half a billion active users around the globe, Telegram is one of the most used messaging services.

The communication platform helps to connect people from all over the world, with end-to-end encryption providing improved security when compared to some other players in the market.

Telegram can also be an excellent medium to broadcast messages to a wider audience. Through dedicated one-way channels, people can share news, status updates, and emergency alerts, for example.

Telegram on the Anti-Piracy Agenda

Like all technology, these broadcast channels are not only used for legitimate purposes. Pirates use them too, as evidenced by regular mentions in piracy discussions. Not too long ago, the European Commission placed the Telegram app on its Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List.

The app was also mentioned in recommendations to the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) this year, with the International Intellectual Property Alliance calling for stricter policies on Telegram’s…

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